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Photo by Ed Parker Jr.

The Art

- Fighting System -

BESDKS or Barry Elwood's Self-Defense Kenpo System is a hybrid evolving street combat system that has in truth been evolving continuously over many years, of real-life “experiences”, pressure tested, and ultimately trying to answer that never ending question: “Does it really work?”

The value of studying BESDKS for the streets lies in your courage to Adapt to Endure to Persevere as understand yourself better, through progressively evolving knowledge of both your limitations and capabilities.

BESDKS dedicated to excellence. By a strict standard, quality control, and testing procedures have been put in place to ensure the highest quality of instruction, and also to preserve the art system being taught.

ESDKS is not just a style. It is a process of self-discovery and constant growth.

ESDKS purpose is to introduce the practitioner to the basic principles and provide them with the necessary truths of the reality of combat.

From here it is up to each individual to expand on that knowledge, to find their own personal expression and discover their own truths. Only by knowing your own strengths and weaknesses can you exploit your opponent’s weaknesses and stay away from their strengths.

ESDKS is much more than a collection of techniques and strategies from many different styles and systems.

BESDKS unites diverse styles by identifying central themes like broken rhythm, preserving the centerline, maintaining rhythmic flow and the ability to “fit in” to the opponent’s techniques.

ESDKS challenges martial artists to continuously grow, to change and evolve as the times or situation demand. After all, when fighting for your life, there is nothing un sportsman like about gouging the eyes, kicking the groin or legs etc., continues to change and evolve, so do our training methods for the streets of today and tomorrow and the future.