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"Because something are worth fighting for"... 


Our vision:  Is to reach out to the youth in our community in a way that offers a safe, friendly

environment where they can come together to learn life skills and principles through 

God's Word and martial arts training.

Mr. Elwood teaches a no nonsense Street Smart Martial Art that is second to none to his disciples on how to protect themselves in this violent world in which we find ourselves.

Messiah Martial Arts is derived from EKKA American Kenpo, Boxing, Muy Thai, Wrestling, Judo, and various other styles. 

Self-defense: Is not always about fighting. It could very well be running away. Either way, it is about being able to keep your wits and composure about you in a frightening situation and knowing what to do to survive. By understanding all we can about avoiding conflict, we will be able to reduce our chance of ever getting into a physical fight.

The blending of training styles, along with the desire to learn 

 *** God's Word ***

is what makes this program one of the most unique self-defense programs available. 


Messiah Martial Arts Ministry

1515 S. Virginia Reno NV. 89502


Corner of Mt. Rose and S. Virginia in Midtown

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