CCW  Controlled Concealed Weapon Carry

In order to qualify for a Nevada CCW permit you must meet all the following minimum requirements. Please make absolutely certain you meet these requirements before you begin the CCW process. If you do not meet even just one of these requirements, you are not able to obtain a Nevada CCW permit.
Full List of CCW Requirements


1. You must be 21 years old.

2.You must complete the 8-hour CCW class.

3. You must target qualify with each handgun revolver/semi automatic you want to appear on your CCW permit.

4. You must not be a fugitive from justice.

5. You must be mentally sound, sane, and competent.

6. You must never have been admitted to a mental health facility.

7. You must not be a habitual user of drugs or alcohol.

8. No felony criminal conviction (regardless of crime or date of occurrence).

9. No misdemeanor criminal conviction that involved the use of violence or threats thereof within 3 years prior to submitting your application.

10. No criminal conviction for stalking.

11. No criminal conviction for domestic violence.

12. You may not be under restraining order.

Your certified instructor EKKA Grandmaster Mr. Barry Elwood

National Rifle Association Credentials #160496269

Nevada CCW- Cost $100.00 for private one on one.

Cost- $150.00 Husband & Wife or a family member. 

Renewal Cost - $50.00 per person.