American Kombat Kenpo

"A  Patriotic God and Country System


Mr. Elwood 

 Where It All Begin

Mr. Elwood grew up in Los Angeles in the 50s 60s & 70’s, where self-defense was crucial due to widespread gang activity. Even as a competent street fighter, in order to survive these violent surroundings, he started trained in Boxing and Martial Arts. 

 Mr. Elwood started training in Kenpo Karate in 1967 in Glendora & Pasadena, California and was one of the early students taught by Master Dave Hebler and Sr. Grandmaster Ed Parker, the founder of American Kenpo Karate.

He received his black belt on April 12, 1975 in Pasadena, California at Ed Parker’s Original Kenpo Karate Studio. 

Mr. Elwood has been involved in Kenpo and other styles of martial arts for over 47 years. He has participated in all aspects of the Arts including Boxing, Karate, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Weapons, Forms, Full Combat Tactics and also holds numerous honors in the martial art world. From this he has established himself as a highly respected Kenpoist and teacher of this Art today.

In the year 2000 Elwood’s American Kombat Kenpo was established in Reno Nevada. At that time Mr. Elwood had bestowed upon him by his Peers the Rank of Tenth Degree “Grandmaster” of His new Kombat  System. 

Today, Grandmaster Elwood continues to carry on the Ed Parker  Legacy with the same high standard and belief that was taught to him by Mr. Dave Hebler and Mr. Ed Parker in those small studios in Glendora &  Pasadena California where it all began.