The Mobile Dojo/ We Come To You

Mr. Elwood offers private classes for anyone who wants to improve their skills and get personalized feedback and instruction that is focused on their personal advancement.

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Here are just a few of the Benefits: Of  Martial Arts Training!

• Reach Your Goals – No matter what your goal is, private classes will help you master the Martial Arts faster. Private classes will enable your instructor to assess your ability and create a plan that is centered around your personal development. With personalized instruction, you will be able to reach your goals quicker

• Discover Your Strengths – During a private class, Mr Elwood is completely focused on improving your skills. He will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and help you understand them. He will help you maximize your proficiency based on your age, weight, height and ability

• Instant Feedback – During a group class, it isn’t possible for an private trainer to focus completely on one student. In a private class,  Mr Elwood is your training partner for each technique. He can provide you instant feedback on every detail to help you master the techniques quicker and with greater skill

• Location & Scheduling – Mr. Elwood private classes offer you the flexibility to train around your schedule. Class times are available during the weekdays, evenings and weekends. I will always do my best to accommodate you

• Individual attention: Private lessons focus on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has a different approach to learning, so getting one-on-one attention will help to provide you with all the tools needed to progress him/her in a way he/she fully understand.

• Stability: Private lessons can be tailor-made for each student, separate and apart from the needs of the group. Your journey is different than anyone else, and it can be fostered in a more specified way with private lessons.

Strickly Benifites Alone!!!

• Improves physical fitness and coordination.

• Teaches concentration, discipline and respect.

• Develops assertiveness, tenacity and determination.

• Develops communication, listening and social skills.

• Teaches nutrition, anatomy and hygiene.

• Teaches spatial concepts. ​

• Teaches awareness of danger.

• It helps you lead a healthy lifestyle.

• It gives you supreme self-confidence.

• Experience weight loss as you get in the best shape of your life.

• It improves focus and stillness.

• It teaches great morals and values.

• It improves your athleticism.

• Cardiovascular Health.

• Muscle Tone.

• Weight Loss. ...

• Reflexes.

• Mobility. ...

• Strength and Power.

• Flexibility.

• Stability and Coordination.