The Valor Art

Barry Elwood’s Valor Self-Defense is an all-inclusive, highly practical martial art developed. It offers far more in content, technical understanding, mental awareness, and street survival than others system of self-defense. The system addresses all types of attacks, grabs tackles pushes punches kicks hugs holds locks chokes weapons multiple attackers ,combinations of all the above. Valor Self-Defense also addresses attacks from all angles such as, front rear flanks (right side and left side) above below. Training also includes mental and physical preparedness and a strong emphasis on the underlying principles and concepts of combat as well as technical understanding of the movements involved. The principles and concepts allow you to evaluate the techniques you learn in a variety of situations. This enables you to become self-correcting. If a movement violates one of the principles you have learned, you know it will not be as effective. Knowing how to perform a movement is good but knowing why you perform it allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your actions in any given situation. Elwood's Valor Self-Defense, as a fighting art, is characterized using close-range weapons delivered with speed and power. As well as striking with the hands and feet, the use of knees, elbows, forearms, leg checks and buckles, and take downs are commonly employed. The effective blend of straight-line movements of Japanese karate and circular techniques of Chinese kung fu, used with a multiple strike response to an attack, comprises much of the system. Multiple strikes are used not so much to annihilate an opponent as to give the defender an opportunity to cover a mistake or if a target is not available to go on to another strike without interrupting the flow of the response. Elwood's Valor Self-Defense philosophy is non-violent in nature and only the amount of force necessary to stop an attack would be used.